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Frequently Asked Questions

Often, things like visas, inbound flight airfare, and meals won’t be included in the total price and will need to be calculated separately. This usually happens because the prices can be very different based on where someone’s departure point is. This means that you can potentially save money by trying different airports and dates, giving you the flexibility of being able to cut costs without having to rely on the travel agency to do it on your behalf.

Also, some tour includes admission fees to museums and historic sites depending on the location.

No, you don’t have to print a receipt to show the tour guide.

The price depend on each different tours, prices will range from $5 to $150It 

VISA and MasterCard embossed cards and certain VISA Electron cards. Whether you can use VISA Electron cards for online transactions depends on the bank that issued the card. The VISA Electron cards that are issued by CIB can be used for making purchases online.

Before you pay for anything, it’s very important to always check what the cancellation policy is. If the policy is very strict or if the deposit seems inordinately high, see if you can have this reduced. Travel plans change all the time so there must be some degree of flexibility built in. 

If the itinerary includes flights, hotels, and activities, always check to see what happens if one of these ends up getting canceled. For example, if your flight is canceled, what does that mean for your hotel or activity bookings? If you’re traveling during high season and your hotel reservation ends up getting canceled unexpectedly, what other options do you have? 


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