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From Humble Beginnings to Premier Travel Experiences


Born in the unassuming province of Nam Dinh, our founder’s journey began far from the tourist hotspots. A passion for learning led him to make a daring move to Da Lat for his university education, over 1,000 kilometers from his hometown.


Post-graduation, he found himself in Ho Chi Minh City, working his way up to become a hotel manager. It was here that his love for travel and tourism truly lighted. His decade-long journey included roles in marketing, management, restaurants, and travel advisory, where he honed his expertise.


In 2017, he realized his dream of starting TopAsiaTours, a company dedicated to providing exceptional tours to domestic customers. Simultaneously, his love for Halong Bay cruises led to investments in the cruise industry.


The year 2023 marked a significant milestone in this remarkable journey. He launched his very own cruise brand, Hermes Cruises, and a new restaurant, Viet Rice Essence, set to open its doors in 2024. Each venture was a labor of love, with painstaking efforts put into every detail, from the design and style of the ships to the delectable food menus of the restaurant.


Today, TopAsiaTours stands as a testament to offering the finest in travel experiences to visitors from all corners of the globe. TopAsiaTours is more than just a travel company; it is a commitment to quality, a dedication to customer satisfaction, and a promise to deliver unforgettable journeys. We are proud to serve as a gateway to the beauty and wonders of Vietnam, ensuring that travelers from around the world experience the very best this vibrant country has to offer.

The Differences

Expert Insights for Fast Planning: We don’t just offer tours; we provide invaluable, practical travel insights to simplify your trip planning.

Tailored for Intimate Journeys: Our products are crafted for small group tours, ensuring personalized, unique experiences that stand out from the crowd.

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Honest & Friendly Service: What sets us apart is our honesty regarding to price, service quality. But we’re more than just service providers; we’re your friendly companions, here to connect with you on your travel journey.

Our Mission


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